Yin Yang Collection

Yin Yang Collection

Our Yin Yang collection represents two styles to wear the same outfit!  It's not just the simple Black & White collection! 

Yin & Yang: All things exist as inseparable & contradictory opposites.  Young/Old, Dark/Light, Male/Female

Who's your yin to your yang?  Your bestie or sister? We have twining outfits!

How will you pair your Yin to your Yang?

We have our Black (Yin) dress- Are you grunge enough to wear in the summer with your mesh socks, Doc Martens, messy hair & red lipstick? 

We have our White (Yang)- Are you sweet & soft to wear at the beach?  Your typical summer sun dress or even as a beach throw over for your sexy bikini!

Our Yin Yang Collection is how you view your style in black & white but make that shit pop in color!

We hope you love it!