About us

Who is Unhip Hippie?
As a child, I loved the hippie era. My mother had the grooviest platform shoes and biggest bell bottoms. Secretly, I’d wear them when she wasn’t around. That ended when I accidentally broke her vintage wooden platforms one evening. Growing up with 3 sisters, we all had completely different styles, which benefited me. I never had to worry about them stealing my clothes! Hence, the name “Unhip Hippie” was born. Since I wasn’t cool enough for them, they nicknamed me the “UnHip Hippie.”
In Los Angeles, I attended FIDM to pursue my dreams of fashion. I traveled to NY, went to fashion shows, attended grand openings for Marc Jacobs, Isaac Mizrahi, Steve Madden and other designers. In SOHO, I met other designers who marched to the beat of their own drum; they designed clothes that felt good and looked good FOR them. I left my heart in SOHO. 
But they got me thinking- “what about those who want quality and fashion with affordability?”
Today, I’m a wife and a mom to 3 amazing boys. A spiritual journey helped me find myself again: my free spiritedness, energy, strength and the courage to finally make my dream a reality.  It also came from our baby Thiago, who has been diagnosed with a very rare blood disorder.  Although, Unhip Hippie had been in my mind and thoughts for years-Thiago and his illness also gave me that strength, courage and energy to make this step.  So, you see clothing we choose to sell are like Thiago: VIBRANT, WILD, RARE AND DIFFERENT.
Which was also the inspiration for our selfie wall Butterfly!  I asked the artist to capture the vibrant, wild, rare and different styles of the store and make it mine! Thiago's condition is the Zebra ribbon symbol-It's 1 in a million like the Zebra's. Cyclic Neutropenia is  VIBRANT, WILD, RARE AND DIFFERENT!
All things said, Unhip Hippie aims to provide you with one of a kind, unique pieces of clothing. I work only with vendors providing uniqueness you don’t really find elsewhere.  I’m always on the hunt for original styles.
I want my hippies to feel comfortable shopping online. Whether you’re a hippie, a free spirit, a lover of the sun, moon and stars, Unhip Hippie has something for you. For it’s you hippies that are in my heart and soul... and these styles and designs are for you.
Vibe High!